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15 Life hacks to help you rock your next painting project

Get the accent wall without the stress. Here are 15 hacks to help you paint your walls like a pro.

Skip paint fumes and enjoy the scent of vanilla while you paint


Photo credit: Do It Yourself Divas

That’s right, just a few drops will take away that yucky paint smell.

Use tinfoil to save paint trays and have faster cleanup time

tinfoil painting hack

Photo credit: LiveLoveDIY

Wrap tinfoil around your paint tray before adding paint. Once you’re done, you can remove it, crumple it up, and toss it directly into the trash can.

Prep the wall with a Swiffer

swiffer prep

Photo credit: Driven By Decor

Take your Swiffer from the floor to the wall to clean up dirt and other debris prior to painting.

Clean your brush with fabric softener

fabric softener

Photo credit: Mom 4 Real

A good soak will leave your brush feeling soft, new and freshly scented.

Clean a crusty brush with vinegar

clean brush with vinegar

Photo credit: Cupcakes and Crinoline

Before you toss that old, crusty brush, give it a good soak in vinegar. It will be as good as new again.

Prep your roller with warm water

water on roller

Photo credit: Marty’s Musings

Prepping your roller with warm water will help paint stick to the roller and wall better.

Remove paint from your hands with Fast Orange

fast orange

Photo credit: Ask Anna

Put Vaseline on areas you don’t want painted


Photo credit: Sweet Pickins Furniture

Avoid painting screws and other hardware by swiping Vaseline on them first.

Paint perfect lines with tape and an angled brush


Photo credit: House of Hepworths

An angled brush and painter’s tape is all you need to avoid accidentally painting an adjoining wall.

Remove drips with a sander and a single-sided razor blade

removing paint

Photo credit: Sawdust Girl

Clean up extra drips by scraping and sanding them right up.

Use a paint guard instead of tape

painting hack

Photo credit: The House of Smiths

A paint guard helps avoid having to put painter’s tape above and below your baseboards.

Defuzz the roller with packaging tape

tape on roller

Photo credit: Ann’s Entitled Life

Extra fuzzies on the roller can cause funny lines on your wall. De-fuzz the roller with tape for a smoother finish.

Spray paint inside of a box to clean up twice as fast

spray paint

Photo credit: In My Own Style

Spray painting in a box helps keep fumes away from you and the mess away from your garage floor.

Remove paint from furniture without chemicals using a heat gun

heat gun

Photo credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage

For a $20 heat gun from Home Depot, you can remove paint off of your next DIY project.

Avoid roller marks when painting furniture by rolling in one direction

roller marks

Photo credit: Painted Furniture Ideas

Enough said.

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