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10 Things Google won’t tell you about fashion expert Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai

?I almost hit a fashion blogger today. No, not in a physical, purposeful way, (although there has been many a moment during NYFW that I’ve wanted to).


t I was driving the speed limit down Ventura Boulevard when I turned the corner and slammed on my brakes just inches away from a cute little blogger who looked like she was photographing her #OOTD. If it weren’t for her shiny snakeskin Givenchy crossover, I’m pretty sure she (and the bag) would have been roadkill.

t What’s worse is that fashion-obsessed girl could have easily been me. No, I’m not a blogger, but I do feel that I too am kind of gangsta when it comes to glam (a glamsta?). As I was driving away from the stylish survivor, I thought about the fact that I take that risk of getting run over every single day that I stand on my tiny, sharp-angled road in front of my house at peak traffic hour to take a sexy #OOTD for my Instagram. (BTW, can someone please tell me why the hell rush hour is the same time as “magic” hour?) Needless to say, I have no shame when it comes to mai style game.

t As a television personality and style expert, I’m always dishing fashion advice and arguing with women about why they should replace that God-awful bra. But I’ve been a devoted fan of SheKnows and I enjoy reading the comments as much as I love reading the articles. I’m pretty sure it’s because I feel like I have a lot in common with women out there: I want to dream, I want to live life with purpose and I want to look damn good doing it.


t That said, I’ve agreed to be a contributing Expert to answer your pressing style questions. I’ll also share little things that inspire me, motivational things I’ve learned and sometimes just silly things that make me laugh. I love the verse that says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27-17). It’s so valuable to me because I believe we were put on this earth to sharpen one another, and I’m inspired everyday by moments with mai family, fans and new friends. So, in advance, thanks for not expecting me to be the best writer or a perfect person, and instead just coming to have fun and do you.

t I’m pretty sure the boring things you’d want to know about me can all be found on Google. (No sex tapes… yet). However, because I want you to know me more personally, I’m more inclined to share ten random facts about me that Google wouldn’t tell you. And please, feel free to tell me something about yourself in the comments below. Until next time, I hope mai posts help you get up, dress up and never ever give up… or get hit by a car in the process.

10 Things you won’t learn about me through a Google search

t 1. I tell you to “Google” me, because Wikipedia’s information on me is so wrong. They’ve got my birth date wrong and I do not say “so” a lot. I’m way busier saying “when’s lunch?”

t 2. I’m really happy that the stupid s*** I’ve done took place before the internet.

t 3. I’m from the Bay and hella proud of it. I invited E40 and Mark Zuckerberg to my wedding, but still haven’t heard back.

t 4. I listen to country and Christian music when I work, hip hop and EDM when I play.

t 5. My hall pass is Anthony Bourdain. My husband learned this after it was too late for him to back out.

t 6. As a germaphobe, I’m an expert at using public restrooms with zero skin contact.

t 7. I’ve contemplated getting butt implants… but I hate the idea of doing squats for maintenance.

t 8. I’m obsessed with discovering people’s love languages. Out of the five, mine would be “acts of service,” and the additional sixth I’ve made up: “gifts of food.”

t 9. I’m a professional at finding a great deal. Either that, or I’m just Asian.

t 10. Mai mission in life is to celebrate people’s potential. God didn’t waste His time makin’ fools.

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