Lady calls cops about a loose tiger, but gets a humiliating surprise

Here’s a little free advice. The next time you call 911 to report a deadly, wild animal on the loose, go ahead and take the extra time to make sure it’s real.

A stuffed tiger abandoned on the side of the road caused quite a ruckus in Arkansas this week.

Now, if the woman in question were in India, you might say, sure, err to the side of caution. But when a woman in the middle of Arkansas saw a tiger by the side of the road, in retrospect, she probably should have taken a closer look. Instead she called 911 and told the authorities she was too afraid to get any closer to the animal.

When the authorities got there, instead of a wild, exotic animal, they found a stuffed toy tiger someone had lost along the way.

“Subject advised that she stopped to take pictures of the animal, but was scared to approach it,” the Bryant Police Department wrote on its Facebook page. “Ofc. VanVeelen located the ‘tiger’ and was even nice enough to give him a ride to the PD.”

Nice to hear the cops had a sense of humor about the whole thing. But a little common sense goes a long way, people.

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