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Save major dough with this all-natural DIY liquid foundation

Making your own liquid foundation is easy and only requires two simple ingredients. Unlike conventional liquid foundations, it contains no toxic preservatives which is great for sensitive skin types. It also allows you to customize your coverage from light to full by just changing the ratio of your two ingredients. All you need is some pure mineral powder foundation and your favorite moisturizer to create a flawless and natural-looking foundation.

To make sure this formula is all-natural, use a pure mineral foundation such as BareMinerals or Pur Minerals, as they are made up of naturally occurring minerals mined from the earth like zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica and ultramarine. Then ground up into fine particles and used to make powders and foundations. These minerals provide not only pigment, but also sun prote­ction and anti-inflammatory effects.

As for your moisturizer, look for one that is made from organic and natural ingredients. One of my favorites is Burt’s Bee’s Radiance Day Cream. This foundation formula will really work with any moisturizer, but make sure the loose foundation you use is a mineral formula so the pigments will blend evenly to act like a true liquid foundation.

Materials and tools:

All natural homemade liquid foundation: Materials

  • Mineral powder foundation
  • Your favorite moisturizer
  • A mixing brush or spoon
  • A small container


Step 1: 

All natural homemade liquid foundation Step 1

Add a teaspoon of mineral foundation to a teaspoon of your favorite moisturizer. This will create a foundation with medium coverage. If you’re looking to create a liquid foundation with lighter coverage, simply use more moisturizer, and if you’re looking to create a concealer or liquid foundation with more coverage, simply add a little more mineral powder. You can also customize your shade by using a mixture of different shades of mineral foundation.

Step 2:

All natural homemade liquid foundation Step 2

With your mixing brush, gently mix the 2 ingredients together for a few minutes to create a creamy foundation.

Step 3:

All natural homemade liquid foundation Step 3

Place your new liquid foundation in a small plastic container. Keep in mind that because there are no preservatives you’ll have to use your liquid foundation within a few days of making it.

Step 4:

All natural homemade liquid foundation Step 4

Apply your newly made liquid foundation with a foundation sponge or foundation brush as you would regularly.

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