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How much home can you get for $100K?

With all the focus on luxury these days, you might be under the impression you have to shell out a cool mil to get a great home. You’d be wrong. These awesome homes are all around $100,000.

1. A fairytale dream in Wisconsin

Blue house

Much like everything in fairy tales, looks are deceiving. This home in Green Bay, WI, looks small and cozy on the outside, but at almost 2,000 square feet, it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lower-level recreation room for entertaining. With all hardwood and vinyl flooring (a must for the allergy-prone), gorgeous open archways into several rooms and a brand new deck and porch, this is a helluva buy for the wannabe Cheesehead. All for a Zestimated $98,900.

2. Old-world charm in Philly

Old world charm

This gorgeous home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was just reduced to a mere 100K (Zestimated at almost $120,000) and what’s not to love? From the street view, the 1920s-era columns on this brick twin look like they’re adorned with charming bows. Giant original windows let a ton of light into the spacious, hardwood-floored rooms. The kitchen is a bit small if you’re a hardcore cook, but the breakfast room is huge and it has built-in wooden cabinets and even a small, low-maintenance backyard.

3. Roughin’ it in Alaska


Just because your tastes run to the more rugged, doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute house. This log cabin in Ninilchik, Alaska, is just as cozy on the inside is it is on the outside. The mountain view is probably the most spectacular thing about this property (but if you live in Alaska, you’re probably used to a spectacular view). At $120,000, it’s the steepest of our properties so far (in more ways than one), but it’s well worth it.

4. Rustic Connecticut charm

Red house

It’s hard not to romanticize Connecticut, but stop thinking it’s a place only rich people live. This charming little home in Bethany, Connecticut, is situated on an expanse of private country property that’s surrounded by even more preserve lands. It’s the perfect place for the equestrian or just someone who wants to enjoy the quiet beauty of nature. At $99,000, it’s kind of a steal.

5. Charming Floridian bungalow


This adorable home in Clearwater, Florida, is surprisingly spacious at less than 1,000 square feet. The open floor plan makes it seem larger than it is. Personally, I’d replant those two trees in the front to make them match, but the lawn is perfectly manicured. Small though it may be, this home has serious curb appeal.

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