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Your home office is in desperate need of these life hacks

The office: the one place in your home that is the most disorganized and needs it the most. Get rid of the clutter and down to business with these ingenious life hacks to calm the craze.

Clip-on desk organizers

clip on desk organizer

Photo credit: Brit + Co

Have your accessories at hand by clipping them next to your desk. An awesome space saver, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this organization hack earlier.

Washi tape cord labels

washi tape labels

Photo credit: Landeelu

Life at your desk can be pretty hectic. Systematize your bajillion computer cords by adding a bit of washi tape to label each one. Not only will this help you keep your desk space looking nice and neat, it will look pretty as well.

Velcroed power strips

velcro power strips

Photo credit: Organizing Made Fun

The power strip is easily the most annoying office function. Keep it from playing footsies with you by using a bit of velcro to adhere the bad boy to a desk leg.

Cubby clips

cubby clips

Photo credit: The Organized Classroom

Teachers are easily the most genius and creative organizers. Steal this idea and utilize binder clips as an inexpensive way to organize your files.

Command hooks and binder clips = Genius

command hooks

Photo credit: The Quilt Show

Short on shelf space? No problem, Command hooks and binder clips can come to your rescue. Adhere them to an open wall space or an area on your desk for an easy way to organize your supplies.

DIY desktop organizer

desk organizer

Photo credit: Marisa Mangum

Marisa at Freutcake fell in love with an Anthropologie desk organizer. Not wanting to shell out the cash for the Anthro version, she came up with the next best thing; she made her own. Made with glass vases, glue and wood, this is a heck of a lot easier than it looks.

DIY industrial wire mailbox

wire mailbox

Photo credit: A House full of sunshine

Industrial is hot in home decor right now. The price, however, is not. Make your own industrial-looking mail center for the office with this blogger’s tutorial.

Wall command center

command center

Photo credit: Beneath My Heart

Not only do we need to organize our work, we need a place to organize our family’s hectic schedules. Know where everyone is during the day by keeping daily tabs with this command center.

Cereal box dividers

cereal box dividers

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Organizing is essential from the outside in. Assemble a drawer organizer with old cereal boxes and pretty scrapbook paper to allocate your supplies.

Pegboard box

pegboard box

Photo credit: Thistlewood Farms

Take your pegboard off of the wall and onto the outside of a storage box with this awesome tutorial. Keep on your desk for easy access or make a few to line your shelves.

Hidden storage books

hidden storage books

Photo credit: Sewing Barefoot

Hide essential desk items by making this hideaway book storage. Just make sure it’s not the Harry Potter series, as someone may actually want to read those.

Fancy storage boxes

fancy storage boxes

Photo credit: First home love life

Office organization certainly doesn’t need to look bland. Make your storage boxes look fabulous with this Kate Spade-inspired DIY paint job.

Pretty storage bin makeover

storage bin makeover

Photo credit: Kelley Morrison

Storage bins, the cheap and easy way to organize your office. Like the boxes, these can be made to look much prettier than they really are. All you need is spray paint and a bit of your lady power to work some magic.

Shutter organizer

shutter organizer

Photo credit: Beach Comber

Go dumpster diving for wood shutters to hang above your desk area. Not only do these look vintage, they make for a great organized way to file your important documents.

Pen storage

toilet roll organizer

Photo credit: Aunt Peaches

Take one shoe box and 18 empty toilet paper rolls and you’ve got yourself one heck of an inexpensive and creative desk organizer. Decorate to match your decor or leave the Nike Swoosh on there, the choice is yours.

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