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7 Lazy ways to walk your dog but still look cool while doing it

If you’ve had a long day and don’t feel like taking the dog out for a walk, this is the article for you. Here are the most creative ways to walk your pooch without moving a muscle.

1. Go for a ride on the 4-wheeler

Get the dog ready, put on your helmet and take a ride around your block. I’m sure Fido will have more fun chasing the quad then he will going on a measly ol’ walk anyhow. Ensure you’re extra cautious, though, as we don’t want any pups to get hurt or strain themselves when in sprint mode.

2. Take the golf cart out for a spin

Don’t have a 4-wheeler or land to use it on? No problem. The golf cart will do just fine. Just do us a favor and don’t have your pup chase you down a busy road.

3. Have another dog do the job for you

Again, humans are negotiable when it comes to doing the walking. If you’ve got two pups, they can walk themselves. Hopefully.

4. Use a ball launcher

Want a guaranteed way to give your dog exercise and keep your lazy butt planted to the chair? Launch some balls with a nifty shooting device like this K-9 Kannon available at Target ($17). Your dog will run, fetch and drop the balls right back at your feet for an old-fashioned game of fun.

5. Allow your dog to chase down the neighbors

Make your dog the happiest pooch on the planet and let it chase the neighbor kids. Hey, if anything, it’s free entertainment! Just make sure that their parents don’t have your phone number when the kiddos come home crying.

6. Toss the leash

Literally, toss the leash! Tie it to a chair and let the dog run after it, over and over and over again. Fido will be so excited to think he’s going for a walk, he won’t even notice that he’s taking himself on. Lounge in your beach chair and have the treats ready for when the dog finally catches on.

7. Laser it

That laser pointer is more than just fun and games, it’s an automated dog walker. Get comfy on the couch with your favorite Netflix series as your pup chases the laser pointer for hours on end. Make sure to stop and take potty breaks for yourself and the dog.

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