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5 Kitchen accessories that prove you’re not boring

Who says you can’t play in the kitchen? These five accessories are packed with functionality, style, personality and best of all, fun!

Rubber ducky timer


“Quack! Quack! Dinner’s done!” Forget the old-fashioned timer that your grandma used and invest in this fabulous rubber ducky kitchen timer. Available in classic yellow or a modern white, all of your guests are sure to love your new addition. It will quack to alert you your supper is finished — you should have no problem ditching the annoying ringing from the old days. Add it to any decor for a sweet boost in personalization and fun (, $62).

Flowerpot measuring spoons

Measuring spoons

For those who aren’t good with plants but still have a yearning to add a bit of the outside in, this pot filled with flower measuring spoons is just for you. Keep it on the counter day in and day out, whether you need a flower spoon or not. A ceramic set, this pot of flowers comes equipped with four spoons measuring 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. With this adorable set, you’re sure to scoop out a bit of sunshine for anyone who visits your kitchen (ModCloth, $25).

Bicycle pizza cutter


It’s not delivery, it’s fixie! With a bicycle pizza cutter, you can cut out the local pizza joint and roll through a few slices at home… literally. Built just like your favorite fixie, this two wheel is five speeds of fun. Like the other accessories, this kitchen item serves up function and decor. Place this bicycle by the window to remind yourself that cooking is as fun as biking through the park (Uncommon Goods, $23).

Log and squirrel paper towel holder

Paper towel holder

Add a bit of amusement to your daily routine with this log and squirrel paper towel holder. Not only does this charming kitchen accessory hold paper towels, it also plays a friendly game of hide-and-seek. Showing his full body when the paper towel holder is full, the squirrel slowly descends into the roll as the roll gets lower, alerting you that it’s time to change it out. A darling way to add a little fun into your kitchen routine, this roll holder will be loved by both the kids and adults of the house (Pop Deluxe, $56).

Eggs and toast salt and pepper shaker

Eggs and toast shaker

Breakfast besties meet up in the most delightful of ways in this endearing salt and pepper shaker set. Now, instead of seeing your favorite pair at the breakfast table only, they can join you for all three meals… and snacks in between. And don’t fret about the yolk losing its white — they’re attached by a magnet, which will keep the toast smiling with glee for all of time. Buy this set for yourself or as a winsome housewarming gift (Urban Outfitters, $14).

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