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8 Front door makeovers that instantly add charm to your home

Getting just the right curb appeal involves balancing different elements of your home exterior, especially the look of your front door. With the perfect paint job, your front door can be welcoming, eye-catching, attractive and classy all at once.


tTake a look at how these homeowners completely upgraded their curb appeal, with just a brush, a bucket of paint and a bold idea.

1. Fall festive


Inexpensive Home Update via Hometalker Marty’s Musings

t Take a hint from fast-approaching fall and use warm colors for your front door makeover. This cheery reddish hue is a lovely modern take on the classic bright red door, and perfect for giving your home exterior a bright and welcoming update.

2. Light, bright, beautiful


Front Door Makeover via Hometalker House by Hoff

t No matter your home’s color, a colorful door can complement it and bring a touch of texture and charm. A bright aqua door keeps this neutral house from being too toned-down, adding a hint of highlight and some contrasting fun.

3. True blue


Fun Bright Blue Front Door via Hometalker The Bold Abode

t Then again, no one said you can’t go straight-up bold. This brick exterior gets a huge upgrade in character, with this bright blue front door makeover. A fun and classy front door will give your exterior some bold personality and set your home apart.

4. Bright red redo


Bright Makeover via Hometalker Lara

t Sometimes, it’s all about contrast. This classic bright red door is perfectly paired with the soft sage color of the stairs, creating a beautiful effect, which intensifies both colors. Your front door paint choice doesn’t need to match your exterior as much as complement it.

5. Coastal charm


Coastal Painted Front Door via Hometalker 20 State

t With such a uniquely shaped door, it’s no surprise that these homeowners chose an eye-catching color. Make your home feel like a beachside cottage no matter where in the world you are, by pairing coastal blues and whites, like this breezy and beachy exterior.

6. Hardware makeover


Update Front Door Hardware via Hometalker The Space Between

t There are a few features of your door that you can upgrade using paint, and one of them is your hardware. If you’re upgrading your door color, upgrade your hardware to match, like this home, which used spray paint to fully upgrade hardware without removing it from the door!

7. Minty fresh


Painted Entry Doors via Hometalker Storywood Designs

t If your exterior is warm, make your door cool to contrast and add texture. Minty green is a fresh way to go if you’re looking to add some charming character to your somber neutral-toned home. Look how well this color brings out the garden.

8. Charming yellow


Gleaming Front Door via Hometalker Kimberly Noelle

t There’s no need to stick with the traditional look. If you’re a bright and bold person, let visitors know immediately, through your home design. A yellow door is a great highlight for a dark wall, like the brick walls of this home, and brings some airy lightness to your exterior.

t Ready for quick curb appeal? Get more ideas on Hometalk’s curb appeal topic page.

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