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How long can humans withstand puppy licking? (VIDEO)

When it comes to relationships, clearly Roxy has never heard about playing hard to get.


This office pup is so people-loving that if you present your face for kisses, she will oblige, and she will oblige you long, sweetly and with as much saliva as possible until you extricate yourself from her furry grasp and slobbery tongue.

The gang at BuzzFeed decided to have a competition and see who could tolerate Roxy’s affection for the longest amount of time. What did the winner receive, other than our admiration and a stinky face? Hopefully, some high-quality baby wipes.

This dog is maybe the cutest thing ever. I could never participate in this game as I am a sensitive flower likely to burst into a vast array of hives if I even think about a dog I have never met before. But it seems like everyone — Roxy included — had a blast making this video. This is just one more example of how having dogs in the office can totally boost morale.

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