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6 Best dog breeds for busy women

Are you a professed workaholic who runs at top speed most days? Do you also long to come home after a long day to a furry friend that wants nothing more than to love you and love you some more? Good news, busy lady! We found the best dog breeds that can tolerate a working gal’s jam-packed schedule.

These dogs tend to be independent and can be left at home while you’re slaving away at your job. Just remember, however, that if you have a feed-it-and-forget-it attitude toward pets, there is no dog breed that is right for you. Get a potted plant instead.

1. Chow Chow

The Chow is a regal canine that typically attaches itself to one person and is a natural at being a guard dog. Adaptable to any size home, this lion-like pup has low exercise needs but should be taken on a couple of short walks each day. To minimize your dog grooming time for this furry breed, consider getting a smooth-coated variety of Chow, which requires a once-weekly brushing. The rough-coated variety needs brushing daily.

2. Greyhound
You’d think a dog bred to race would need hours on a treadmill every day to stay happy, but the Greyhound is surprisingly content to laze on the couch and wait for you to come home from work. When you get home, though, be sure to reward your patient pup with a quick walk. Both of you can relish the fresh air and exercise.

3. Afghan Hound

If you’re the working gal who can’t wait to get up before dawn to get in a long run before hitting the office, the gorgeous, graceful Afghan is the hound for you. Once you get this energetic pup exercised, it will happily curl up on cushy bedding and laze until you come through the door at the end of the day. The Afghan is known for kitchen counter surfing, so be sure to put people foods securely away and out of reach.

4. Irish Wolfhound
Work tenaciously at home yet want some larger-than-life company when you take your breaks? The Irish Wolfhound will love you more than any co-worker ever could and will encourage you to step away from the desk and go for a long walk or jog to clear your head. Give this gentle giant an oversized cushy bed in your home office, and you’ll have a warm-hearted companion at your side all day long.

5. English Bulldog

Do you own your own company or work for an employer who encourages employees to bring their dogs to work? If so, the English Bulldog may love the air-conditioned office more than you do. A faithful companion with low exercise needs, this loving canine lives to be with its humans and will be happy with a short walk during the morning coffee break. Furnish your office with a comfy pet bed and a few toys, and you’ll have a lick-happy workmate that won’t complain about the long hours. Be warned: Smaller dogs have smaller bladders that need to be emptied every 3-4 hours.

6. Maltese

The spunky Maltese is the perfectly portable pup for the career woman who travels in planes, trains and automobiles. No need to leave your pretty pet at home when you can put it in your purse. Bred specifically to be a companion dog, your fluffy little furball will thrive on keeping you company at home, at the office or on the go.

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