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Hilarious YouTube video shows how everyone feels about the Apple Watch

Cleanse your palate from the sticky-sweet Apple frenzy of this week with this smart Apple Watch parody video.

If you’re like me and are totally unable to join the millions of people peeing their pants over the latest iWatch tease, then this video will give you a shot of Schadenfreude to help you make it through the rest of the Apple Watch news cycle.

The Apple Watch seems ridiculous. It’s unattractive. There, I said it. It’s hideous. It tells time. OK, so does a watch. The Apple Watch has a miniscule screen, so you can’t really watch a freaking thing on it. That puny 1.8-inch screen isn’t big enough to make out a Facebook profile photo, much less a booty pic from Coco Austin!
Those who agree have found a champion in funnyman Jack Douglass of JacksFilms, who made this stylistically and satirically spot-on parody of an Apple Watch commercial that really sums up everything completely ridonkulous about a tiny, wearable phone that’s not really a phone or a watch. I mean, it’s a watch and a phone, but why not just get a good watch and use your phone? Douglass even goes after the health-monitoring gadgets no one really knows how to use.

Lots of people are taking notice of the video and giving Douglass his well-deserved props across social media.

Yes, Jack, yes, we really do likey.

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