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5 Watches we cannot stop staring at

Watches are a key part of looking professional and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter that you’re actually going to use your phone to check the time.

These are the watches we’re drooling over.

1. The Jacqueline

Fossil three-hand date watch

The leather wrap band and Roman numeral face is incredibly professional. The straps can be switched out, and this watch pairs well with other bracelets. (Fossil, $135)

2. The Sculptor

Fossil Sculptor watch

This oval-shaped gem is nothing but classy, and the colored straps allow for a little bit of personality. (Fossil, $75)


Coach DREE watch

The stainless steel face with rounded numbers is incredibly sleek. The long pink leather strap gives this watch a fun and playful look. (Coach, $198)

4. Gold and leather straps

Anne Klein gold and leather band

The face of this watch is super simple and complements the leather straps for a vintage look. The brackets connecting the face to the straps give it a unique shine. (Anne Klein, $55)

5. The Chelsey

Fossil Chelsey watch

For the more adventurous among us, this watch shows not just the time but the day of the week, the month and something else that has 24 units and is probably super handy. (Fossil, $115)

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