Adorable Bengal kitten loves sliding on wood floors (VIDEO)

This kitten is having a blast while acting as a totally efficient (and adorable) broom to clean the floor.


Never before has cleaning up the hardwood floors of a house looked like quite such a cuddly task. This tiny and playful Bengal kitten loves roughhousing with its owner. This kitten’s favorite activity? Being gently hurled across the slick wooden floors on its back… and then trotting back over for another ride.

The people who own this cat will officially never need to buy a feather duster or a Swiffer again. Not with this cat that adorably buffs and shines every surface it skids across. Granted, this Bengal is still young. This might just be a fun game it outgrows once it’s older and more sullen — because, you know, it’s a cat.

But think about the possibilities if this cat keeps on loving this game. Not only will its family have a great multipurpose cleaning product to use around the home, they could also use the cat to surprise and scare off burglars or unwanted door-to-door salesmen. That’s always a plus.

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