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5 Million Google accounts compromised in massive hack

The hackers strike again.

More than 5 million Google log-ins and passwords were shared recently on the Russian Bitcoin Security Board, according to RT. If they’ve got your log-in and password, hackers can access your Gmail, Google+ and other services provided by Google.

Seriously, go change your password now. And make it tricky.

Russia has been dealing with similar data breaches of its and Yandex services, which compromised nearly 6 million accounts combined, so it’s pretty sure this breach is legit.

Google Russia is all over the issue and warns users to use the two-step verification process to help deter hackers.

Here is a link to help you set up your more secure Google two-step verification process. Why? Because the two-step verification process requires you to have an additional code, sent to an alternate computer or device, to verify that the person accessing the account is actually you.

Is the two-step verification process totally annoying? No. You only have to go through the two-step ID process when accessing your account from a new computer or device. For your devices you use regularly, you can enter the second code only once, and Google will remember it was already authenticated.

With the two-step verification, even if a hacker has your password, he can’t get at your account if he doesn’t also physically have your phone. A nice little insurance policy in this crazy cyber world.

Passwords are the pits. Totally. And the more complicated the password to hack, the more complicated it is for you to remember. But a strong password is a must in today’s hacker-heavy environment. No more pet names. No more 0000. Those are no good. Here are five easy tips for setting a sturdy password.

  1. Longer is better
  2. Use a combination of numbers, letters and characters
  3. Passwords are case sensitive, so mix up your use of upper- and lower-case letters
  4. Deliberately misspell a word or swap numbers for similar letters, like “Picn1c” instead of “picnic”
  5. Separate two words in a phrase with a symbol, like Red~Rum

Once you set up all of your tricky passwords, you might need a little help remembering all of your clever security measures. No worries. There are password management apps like oneSafe, Norton Identity Safe and Password Genie that can help you keep it all straight.

Don’t skimp on security. Go change your Google password and then take a look at your other passwords out there like Amazon or iTunes. The next big hack is right around the corner.

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