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Rebuilding Ground Zero: Two time-lapse videos that will inspire you

It’s been 13 years since our nation was rocked in tragedy from the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Although it may seem like just yesterday those planes targeted our precious country, these videos show that while we are still wounded, we are united. Ground Zero starts from the bottom and works its way up to an outstanding memorial in these time-lapse videos.
Once a sight of disaster and chaos, the former home of the twin towers now marks a humble memorial and reminder of all those who lost and sacrificed their lives on Sept. 11, 2001 — an amazing transformation that took 10 years to clean, create and construct, the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Taken over 4,617 days and counting, the producer of the video, Brian Cury, CEO of EarthCam, sorted through 1 million images taken by webcam to edit and build this 1.5-minute video. The results are shocking and amazing.
EarthCam also shared a time-lapse video of the reconstruction of the 4 World Trade Center. Recorded from 2009 to 2013, this video shares with viewers the time and effort spent re-creating one of the nation’s most important buildings.

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