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Sarah Jessica Parker bids farewell to her New York City home

Your ’90s television dreams have come to fruition. Sarah Jessica Parker is bidding farewell to her Greenwich Village town house, and it’s even better than the Sex and the City apartment she lived out her Carrie days in.

Hello, NYC perfection! Not only does this town home have zip code envy, but every inch of SJP‘s real estate listing is in pristine condition. Which is amazing all in itself, as the famous actress is mother to a 12-year-old son, James Wilkie, and 5-year-old twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha. From the elaborately lined bookshelves (and book collection — jealous!) to the master closet (OMG, can’t breathe) to the modernized and exquisite kitchen and bathroom, this home barely looks lived in.

SJP kitchen

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At 25 feet wide, 6,800 square feet, with five floors (five!) and seven fireplaces, this town house is the absolute definition of luxury. Starting with the Garden Floor, you’ll find a walnut eat-in kitchen. The glamorous dark wood looks astonishing against Boffi stainless steel and marble. From where what looks like the perfect nook for family brunch sessions, the doors lead out to a picturesque patio space. How a family would ever want to leave this NYC palace is beyond comprehension.

SJP library

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Go upstairs, and you will find the Parlor Floor, which leads out to the Juliet balcony and the beautifully landscaped garden. Jump up another flight of stairs, and you will find this amazing space, causing us to question who needs paint when you can have an accent wall filled with colorful books? Featuring skylights, the Family Floor (pictured above) comes equipped with 50-foot-long bookcases, gorgeous wood flooring and a built-in entertainment unit.


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After you’ve visited the Guest Floor, where, ironically, the children’s bedrooms are, you’ll find the grand finale of this spectacular home: the Master Floor. And master it is! Decked out with not only one heck of a closet, the bedroom adjoins a private terrace and to-die-for bathroom. The hand-carved stone bathtub screams for late night bubble baths (wineglass in hand), and the space also features antique tiles and a shower room. Yes, that’s right: shower room. There are just no words for how wish-worthy this home is.

SJP bathroom

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Listed for $22 million, it’s apparent Ms. Parker is no longer living out her days writing a Sex and the City column. Because if she was, we all know Carrie would never part with a gem like this!

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