9 Talented dogs that will make you feel like a total schlub (VIDEO)

If just getting out of bed was a major accomplishment for you today (wait, was that just me?), these nine bizarrely dexterous pups could very well provide the inspiration you need to get motivated.

In all honestly, I’m pretty sure Apple the dog could paint me under the table. And Norman? Well, the fact that he can ride a bike (and, you know, he’s a dog) may or may not have shamed me into pulling my own Schwinn out of storage.

As for Confetti, Flashy, Jackson, Paige, Jasmine, Jesse and Jaz, I’m pretty sure they could go into business together and start a super-successful doggie concierge service. Or a bed and bark, er, breakfast. Seriously, though… a dog that makes waffles?

Sign me up.

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