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A guide to surviving family visits during the holidays

Vanessa Diaz

The holiday season is a hectic time that often brings my large, crazy Latino family together under one roof.

t It can be very difficult to manage a household with so many different personalities. I have a very opinionated family that can also be pretty dramatic. Making sure the holidays go off without a hitch can be very challenging to say the least.


t Here are some of my best tips for preparing yourself for a big family visit.

Stock up on food

t Reach out ahead of time to each family member visiting. Ask each person for one type of food or snack they love and make sure to stock up on it so that they can enjoy it during his or her visit and you come out on top with the personal touch.

Make lists

t Make a list of all the people visiting and a list for all the items you will need to shop for. Having a list will keep you organized and on track.

Buy in bulk

t Buy triple the amount of food and products you would normally buy for your household. With double or triple the amount of people in your home, things are sure to run out quickly. Making sure you have enough food and supplies for all the visiting family ensures everyone remains happy and comfortable.

Plan events for the visiting family

t Schedule a few activities for visiting family. If you have family visiting for the first time they will greatly appreciate the sightseeing adventures you have planned for them. It also gets everyone out of the house for a few hours and gives you a much needed recharge.

t And last but not least…

Shop ahead of time

t Don’t wait until the last minute to shop. It will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed when the stores are out of the items you’re seeking to buy. Better yet, buy online. So many online businesses also offer free shipping and no tax. So take advantage of it and save money and time.

t I hope these tips help you have a more enjoyable and stress-free holiday season.

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