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5 Surprisingly modern tiled countertops

Hey, we get it. Tiled counters get a bad rap these days for looking dated, but we’re here to set the record straight on that generalization. When done right, tiled countertops can actually look modern and cool — and we’ve got five examples to prove it to you.

Not only are these tiled countertops cool, but they are also right at home in this contemporary kitchen. See? Tiled countertops can totally look modern. These tiles were crafted from poured concrete and finished with an acid stain. Because concrete naturally leans toward looking modern or “industrial chic,” it’s a fantastic option if you’re thinking of installing tile countertops but have been concerned they may look dated.

This kitchen is in New York. Yep, that’s right… not a gorgeous village in Europe but, rather, on our East coast. And can we just say we are obsessed with this modern Mediterranean space? Every item right down to — you got it — the small, colorful island tiles was smartly curated to build this specific style. While the overall style in this kitchen is more rural than urban, it is done so in such a deliberate way and with such a calculated mix of materials that it comes off as new and exciting.

If you aren’t ready to splurge on pricey natural stone slabs for your kitchen countertops, consider extending your tile backsplash to cover that space. Because of their unique color and the way they blend seamlessly with the backsplash, these tiled countertops only contribute to this space’s fresh, updated feel. What also makes this option fun is that there are so many possibilities — from adding in smaller tiles in coordinating colors to playing with various patterns, there’s a lot you can do.

Tiled countertops can look just as cool in a traditional kitchen as they do in contemporary. The designer of this kitchen brilliantly used soapstone in varying shades cut on the diagonal to complement the warm, classic aesthetic of the homeowners’ design style. While this look could likely be adopted with other stones as well, surfaces with matte finishes like this soapstone boast a particularly modern appeal.

Travertine tiles in this kitchen enhance the space’s divinely rustic Spanish feel, while modern touches such as a top-of-the-line range and copper pot filler balance out the old world aesthetic. The end result? Perfection. Oh, and did we mention how the perimeter tiles pair so flawlessly with the dramatic Mediterranean tile backsplash? Swoon.

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