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15 Space-saving kitchen cabinets with unique designs

While traditional kitchen cabinetry is still certainly in style (and isn’t likely to go anywhere), there’s a new breed of cabinetry on the block. Sleek, unique and distinctively styled, the cabinetry in these 15 kitchens is full of wow factor.

Not only are these contemporary kitchen cabinets by German designer Leicht visually stunning, but they’re full of function to boot. Super-deep drawers take the fuss out of storing larger items like pitchers, soup pots and more.

These Adornus cabinets by ADI Supply feature sleek, euro slab frameless doors for an unmistakably modern feel. Also, note the to-die-for aluminum toe kick along the cabinetry’s base.

Definitely a focal point of the room, this kitchen island boasts a combination of rift-cut white oak cabinetry with chic bronzed metal legs. Pleasantly contrasting the island’s contemporary styling, though, is more traditional white painted cabinetry around the perimeter.

It’s strange for something so sleek and modern to also feel organic and warm, but that’s exactly what this ultra-streamlined Italian cabinetry by EffeQuattro manages.

Who says kitchen cabinetry is only for storing pots, pans and utensils? We adore these completely customizable peg board pull-outs by Fieldstone Cabinetry that allow you to turn any corner of your kitchen into a crafting station (or whatever strikes your fancy).

If you want cabinetry that will truly stand out, why not try concrete? Concrete surfaces have what designers call “a characteristic expression” totally unique to the material, which makes it both timeless and dramatic. Bonus? It’s also environmentally friendly.

Understated glamour. That’s what we think of when we look at this Kyton kitchen. Although we’re partial to the espresso and bright white combo shown here, there’s no shortage of styling options for the adventurous at heart. These cabinets come in finishes of wood, embossed or glossy lacquered MDF and glass, as well as a wide variety of wood finishes and colors.

The days when anything outside of white was considered a kitchen faux pas are over. While white cabinetry is certainly still a classic choice, cabinetry such as Mya by Composit USA goes to show that mixing materials, finishes and — yes — even colors creates a unforgettable style.

Designed by P.G. Cazzaniga, this kitchen is the picture of modern sophistication. The cabinets’ smooth surfaces are uninterrupted by vertical and horizontal cuts, handles or anything of the like. They are built to suit each individual space which, in this case, means incorporating a distinctive curve design.

Wood used to be the be-all, end-all standard in cabinetry material, but modern advances are allowing us to explore many more exciting alternatives. These Pom KBF cabinets are created using custom made acrylic, which is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. The color can be completely customized to suit the specific taste of the homeowner.

Dubbed “New York Modern,” this seemingly seamless kitchen was custom built by Utah-based company Cottonwood Fine Kitchen Furniture and can we just say wowza? Between the high-gloss white cabinetry and the contrasting colored countertops, we’re in kitchen design nirvana.

These Harmoni cabinets are called “Mountain Modern,” and you know what? We totally get that. The design is decidedly contemporary, of course, and the brushed look of the cabinet’s Lido Door makes us think of natural rock formations or ice covered trees — both of which hearken the mountains.

Let us just pause for a moment to appreciate the ingenuity that went into this cabinetry. OK, now, more specifically, let’s take a look at the brilliant drawers directly under the range. Why bother keeping pots and pans organized? It’s impossible. These deep drawers are perfect for stashing them all in an discreet, easy to access location. Bravo, Venuti Woodworking. Bravo.

If this isn’t the largest kitchen island ever, we want to meet the homeowner who has a bigger one. Can you imagine the dinner parties held at this thing? But we digress, not only is the island impressively large, but it is stunning, thanks to full access cabinets with slab doors and book matched zebra wood.

We’re suckers for a lacquered finish, and the Huntwood cabinets in this kitchen are divinely lustrous. We adore the color and, to be frank, it looks like it would be easy to clean. The sleek, fold-over style island is likewise on our wish list.

Who couldn’t use a plucky little pop of color in their kitchen? SieMatic S3 cabinets make doing so a breeze. The line allows you to choose from a range of accent colors and combinations, so you can go as subtle or as bold as you dare.

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