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Creative ways to hide your small kitchen appliances

The microwave, the mixer, the toaster and the blender: They’re only the beginning of things cluttering up our counters. Perhaps it’s time to find their proper hiding spots, though.

We know what you’re thinking. “If I put my appliances in a cabinet, where will I put the things I normally keep in my cabinets? With some awesome swing-out shelves that any slightly handy person who knows their way around hinges could install, you can store small appliances on the shelves in the back but keep the front of your cupboards ready for stuff you use more often.

That corner carousel is like the bowels of Hell: Everything fun goes there to die. Whatever genius engineered a train of pullout drawers is our new best friend. Put the Tupperware somewhere else and use that no-longer-awkward space to store the toaster oven, the toaster, the waffle iron and the cake pop maker.

Possibly the coolest thing we’ve ever seen: stand mixer lifts. If you’ve ever walked carefully across your kitchen with a mixer in your arms praying not to drop it on your foot, a mixer lift is the answer. It’s clearly magic.

If none of those options suit your fancy, you could also try one of the many ways to work an appliance garage into your kitchen. Sure, in most instances it’s still taking up counter space. But, at least it’s hiding the actual appliances. You could easily pick out a small cabinet that matches your current style and rework/install it on the counter as an appliance garage.

With the right rigging, you could even change the door from a normal, swing-open option to one that lifts up, allowing for maximum use of the space. And making it really look like a garage.

For even extra space, install a tall, narrow cabinet on its side. It can hold the micro and you can stash extra, small appliances or food alongside it. Stick with your current style or find a cabinet that’s complementary and update your look.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, a massive, double-door pantry is a must. Make sure to include one especially sturdy shelf at countertop height and to hook up electricity. Then you can hide your microwave and the rest of his bulky, electrical friends behind closed doors without having to lug them elsewhere when you need to use them.

Too late for a remodel? An additional pantry, like an armoire, where you can run electric through the back, plug in a couple appliances and then store the rest (along with extra dishes, linens and/or food) in the drawers or bottom cupboards.

You could also always try the addition of an island. Those can be added at any time, as long as the kitchen is big enough to support it. Buy a pre-built island at any home furnishing store or try to rework a section of cabinets from a rehab store. Bam. Extra storage and more counter space.

You could also try a pull-out wire basket attached to the bottom of a cabinet. They’re sturdy enough to collect everything from mixers to can openers. When you need something, just pull it out. Afterwards, wipe it down and hide it away.

We’ve given you the ideas. Now you just need to make it happen. Given the money, time and help, we’re sure your kitchen can look clean and organized soon enough.

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