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10 Tiny kitchens that feel cozy not cramped

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Don’t let it be tiny, cold and uninviting.

If you’re stuck with a small kitchen, though, you might wonder how to transform your space from cold into comfortable. Look no further than these compact and cozy kitchen design inspirations.

Sleek and stainless

This tiny kitchen looks downright expansive with the addition of high ceilings, shiny stainless appliances and classic, sleek tiles. We love the whimsy of the colorful cabinet hardware for a touch of the unexpected.

Beachy details

Who doesn’t love a cottage on the shore? The beadboard and white trim of this kitchen’s minimal cabinetry gives it the feel of a charming lake or beach house.

Corner nook

Put your house’s idiosyncrasies to good use by making the most of odd nooks and crannies. This East Village kitchen is contained entirely within a nook near the home’s entry, to make smart use of all available space.

Outdoorsy views

Open up your tiny kitchen by adding windows rather than trying to expand. Natural views and light make this small space feel bigger and cozier, all at once.

Smart appliances

The success of a tiny kitchen is all about choosing the right appliances. Go small and multi-functional, like this kitchen that features smaller versions of space-sucking devices.

Country charm

This adorable kitchen proves that country charm isn’t synonymous with clutter and doilies. Country details make the size of this kitchen feel just right — any bigger simply wouldn’t work.

Lofty dreams

This tiny tea house kitchen only has one countertop, but the overhead loft and spacious windows are gorgeously airy. The small cooktop and fridge are perfect for anyone who lives alone.

Open air cottage

Rustic aqua cabinetry proves that small can be oh-so-special. We love how this cottage kitchen opens up to the rest of the home to create a welcoming and cozy environment.

Savvy storage

This clever kitchen is contained entirely within an armoire-lookalike. Simply open up the doors to access dishes and supplies, and close up shop once dinner is over to save valuable floor space.

Beautiful back wall

The kitchen takes center stage in this 540-square-foot house, and it proves that a compact kitchen doesn’t have to feel suffocating. Make the most of your back wall by transforming it into open cabinetry for the best use of space.

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