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8 Small pantries that are big on storage

Maximize every inch of space with these genius ideas for making the most of your tiny pantry. From pull-out drawers, to rotating cabinets and cool slide-out panels, find out how to give your tiny pantry the feel of a walk-in butler’s pantry with these tips that help find space you didn’t even know you had.

What is the best way to maximize your pantry space? “Add extra shelves, as there is often a lot of dead space between each one,” says interior designer Nicole Sassaman, author of 100 Sassy Tips.

This amazing design added shelves and custom pull-out cabinets that easily transformed dead space into functional storage. It maximizes every bit of space in the kitchen with custom pull-out cabinets and shelves, tall sliding panels perfect for spices and expert use of cabinet doors for boxed foods. It makes the most of space up high — and of space down low. We officially have pantry envy.

This awe-inspiring small pantry features deep pull-out drawers, cabinet door shelving for cans and space up high to keep baking sheets and tall boxes of cereal.

This Tandem Pantry design can pack in a lot of items without taking up much space, while the clever design allows you to find exactly what you need in a snap. When the door opens, the pantry shelves pull forward. Genius.

The glass doors on this small pantry are perfect for showing off how this little space packs a big storage punch. This height of the tall pantry allows you to maximize your space, while the containers keep you organized and efficient. The horizontal spice racks maximize space in the middle, while taller bottles go on the bottom shelves.

If you don’t have the space up high, perhaps look down low for pantry space. The custom rotating shelves triple your storage space, while the cabinet doors are perfect for smaller boxes and jars.

If you don’t have a skilled contractor on speed dial for custom pull-out drawers (or the budget for one), these shelves and pull-out baskets maximize storage in a small space. “Choose baskets for your pantry shelves that are deep enough that they use up the space between each shelf,” says Sassaman. “Label the fronts with something fun and stylish so that you know what is inside of each one.”

Turn your cabinet into your own custom pantry by using pantry organizers to turn the cabinet doors into spice racks and extra storage. The rotating racks inside make finding items a breeze.

This sneaky pull-out pantry is like the James Bond of pantries. It fits neatly beside the refrigerator and pulls out to fit a surprising large number of items, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling shelves.

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