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Confused dog eats massive amount of socks, gets famous for it (VIDEO)

A Great Dane in Oregon was a very, very bad dog.

The poor buddy ate 43 — well, officially 43 and a half — socks and had to have surgery to remove them all. His owners rushed him to the vet last February after the  3-year-old pup started retching and acting sick. Little did they know he had the entire contents of their dryer in his stomach.

Turns out, the Great Dane had always had taste for smelly feet marinade. Vets were able to remove all 43 (and a half) of the yummy, yummy socks, and, all laid together, they look almost striking. This dog isn’t a sock hoarder, he’s an artist!

At least the little dude got something for his trouble — his story was so weird it was entered into a veterinary magazine’s X-ray contest, called “They Ate What?” Our sock piñata here won third place.

Wait, only third? There were weirder stories than this?

The winners circle of that contest is just a stunning display of intestinal fortitude. The 2014 first place winner was a frog who had eaten 30 bits of ornamental rocks from his habitat. The second place winner was a dog who swallowed a shish kebob skewer. Both of those pets also survived their gastronomic crises.

Champions, all around.

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