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Overjoyed Pug loves to play in the ball pit (VIDEO)

I cannot stop watching this Pug!


Oh man, meet Grover. His owner, Mel Stringer, is an artist who wondered just what would happen if she filled her Pug’s playpen with his favorite toys and some brightly colored balls (for which he also has a penchant). She decided to see for herself, and the results are captured in this great video set to a bopping, kicky, drum track. If you’re pressed for time, allow me to spoil the shocking twist: Grover. Loves. This. So. Much.

The pup flings his tiny body hither and yon throughout the tiny pen, at points almost knocking it over. What I really love is how he doesn’t actually pick anything up with his mouth. It’s like he’s too excited to properly take in what’s happening. It reminds me of my brothers at Christmas time.

Grover does take one mini-break, but that’s only to pant a few times before losing his adorable mind yet again.

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