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Ugh: Clown says gross, racist things to fair-goer

No. Just, no. Is this for real? A dunk tank clown at a Memphis fair is out on his big, fake shoes after saying some super-inappropriate things to a guest.

Tanya Jones says she and her family were just enjoying their Labor Day weekend at the Delta Fair when a nearby entertainer at a dunk tank started making fun of them.

According to Jones and local news station WJHL, the clown called her “nappy head,” “Sheneneh,” and “unbeweavable.”

Yeah, it’s standard fair business for a cheeky clown to poke light fun at passersby, but wherever the line is with clowns, those comments are way, way far over it.

Luckily the president of the Delta Fair said his staff didn’t stand for the shenanigans. The clown was fired, and the family’s full entrance fees were refunded.

Listen, clowns are already scary as it is. Do they really have to be inappropriately racist, too?

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