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Kitten and baby battle over laser pointer (VIDEO)

Things get almost too cute when this toddler battles a kitten as they both chase after a laser beam.


In videos-sure-to-cause-ovulation news, we bring you this stunning minute-long clip. A pet owner begins by innocently sending the feline hither and yon to chase a beam of red light in a bid to get him all tuckered out for an afternoon nap. Then, something pretty hilarious happens — the owner’s toddler gets in on the action! The kid is too much. He basically makes the same sort of noises you’d expect a kitten to make if he could talk people-speak.

The kid and the kitten are both frantic little balls of energy, eager to catch the tiny dot of light as it is bounced all around the house. The kid might not have the same level of off-the-wall-parkour-style moves as the kitten, but he makes up for it in his sheer volume of giddy giggles. This owner/parent should be lauded for this new discovery — a way of getting both toddlers and kittens worn out and ready for an early bedtime.

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