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An iPhone case with makeup built in? Yes, please.


Every once in a while, a little invention comes along and makes your life infinitely easier. The only problem is when the invention is actually just in your mind, like this makeup iPhone case.

Have you ever been trolling around on Etsy or Pinterest, seen something and exclaimed, “Yes, finally, yes!”

Well, that’s what happened when we stumbled on this iPhone makeup case… until we realized the makeup wasn’t real.

Admittedly it’s still a really cute case as is, but our dream-minds started cranking away at how convenient it would be to have some blush, concealer or bronzer right there attached to the thing that we are never without.

“It could just have a little plastic shield covering the makeup!” I argued with no one while staring at it. Makeup companies should jump on this. Ooh, and add lip gloss. Wait! And half should be a mirror. OK, yes. Blush, concealer and lip gloss. These are the three things I usually want to touch up when I am out anyway.

Basically, life is better when you have all of your favorite things right at your fingertips, so iPhone, some fun makeup and Chris Pratt and I am all set. OK, makeup people, your move.

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