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$400 Million for this flashy apartment is actually worth it

Groupe Marzocco is building a 170-meter skyscraper in the heart of Monaco, equipped with luxurious penthouse apartments available for a mere $400 million. Think that’s too pricey for a stay in the French Riviera? Take a tour, and you might change your mind.
The building, appropriately referred to as Odeon Tower (or Tour Odéon), is fast becoming known for having the most expensive penthouse in the world. Beginning its construction in 2009, the Tour Odéon is the first high-rise to go up in Monaco since the ’80s and has taken five years to complete due to its construction during an economic downturn.

Residents aren’t as excited about the suites as we are, considering the high-rise building is in the heart of the city and not exactly as pleasant to look at as it is to look from. However, this penthouse not only features ridiculously attractive architecture by Alexandre Giraldi, it symbolizes the true definition of Euro glam. It has a pool that you can access from an upper floor by using an awesome slide, and the structure is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows that show off the beautiful city. With the high-rise stated to be the epitome of the “ultimate lifestyle,” you’ll definitely have to spend some big bucks to afford the ultimate lap of luxury, as penthouses are rumored to cost from $387 million to $440 million dollars.

I have just one question: Do the hot guy, amazing speedboat, stellar sports car and expensive jewels come with my penthouse purchase? If so, then sign me up (once I can secure the ginormous down payment).

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