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These pups take dog-paddling to the extreme (VIDEO)

There are a million ways to keep cool during these final summer months if you’re a human. But if you’re a dog, then your options are more limited — unless you’re one of the lucky pooches who gets to spend time at the Lucky Puppy day care, a facility that has a dogs-only, bone-shaped pool to cool off in!


It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Dog heaven, anyway — and for a pet lover, isn’t that almost the same thing? Summer might be nearly over, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all still pining for a little bit more time at the beach or to lounge poolside. Watching these literally lucky dogs hang out and bark and splash around in their very own pool has me panting for just one more awesome vacation day before autumn starts.

This day care for dogs is like no other around. It’s over 3 acres in size, with not a cage in sight. That’s right. Your dog is free to wander and sniff and roll around and do other dog things to his heart’s content all day long. The only reason I wouldn’t send my dog here? It would totally spoil him for a life at home, where the most he’s allowed to roam is within the confines of my apartment or during a jaunt at the dog park. Still, this place looks pretty awesome. Less awesome: having to be the person who cleans that pool. You know I’m right.

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