Dear Facebook friends: Stop trying to sell me your stupid candles

Aug 26, 2014 at 9:38 a.m. ET
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Here's a quick way to lose friends: Start relentlessly peddling multilevel marketing products on your Facebook newsfeed. If you don't see anything wrong with this, then you're probably an MLM offender — a home business party pusher of one of the favorites like doTerra, Scentsy or Thirty-One. And if none of your friends has had the guts to tell you yet, trust me when I say that no one likes this kind of shameless selling in a safe social media space.

You may think you've cleverly disguised the blatant sales of your MLM products in a cutesy, rehearsed Facebook post, but your friends are on to you. When you say, "I've never been so organized before in my life! Thanks, Thirty-One!" your friends are rolling their eyes and desperately trying to figure out how to hide your updates on their feed.

The truth hurts. No one likes being sold to by a friend. The majority of people don't like attending high-pressure home parties that sell MLM products face-to-face, even if wine and cheese are involved. Selling to friends means that you are taking advantage of a friendship — no matter how many multilevel marketing companies insist otherwise.

I have only seen one friend handle MLM social media sales with grace and ease. This friend happens to be a seller of a popular home party line, yet she doesn't aggressively advertise on Facebook. The only time that her products came up, and I considered buying from her, was when we were privately messaging about my son's health issues. She asked if she could send me samples of a few essential oils to try. This friend is amazing. She is perhaps the only person I know who doesn't fit the walking-talking-advertisement MLM stereotype seen on every Facebook feed across America.

The thing is, anyone with access to the Internet knows exactly where to get a product they are looking for. If your friends want makeup, candles, kitchenware or essential oils, they can get it on Amazon and probably at a better price. Your friends don't want to buy these products from you; they just don't know how to politely tell you no over and over again.

If you truly love multilevel marketing and have made your business work, that's fantastic. Just do your friends a favor and keep it off social media.

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