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Amber Rose gets (almost) naked at the 2014 MTV VMAs

Amber Rose is definitely the center of attention at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

Wiz Khalifa’s main squeeze showed up on the red carpet in a barely-there (like really, really barely) dress. Well, we’re not even sure this can be called a dress… it’s more like a blinged-out chainmail mini with tiny bikini bottoms by designer Laura Dewitt.

Amber Rose VMAs

The 30-year-old’s look is a throwback to another iconic VMAs look by actress Rose McGowan. The Craft star — then dating rocker Marilyn Manson — walked the carpet at the 1998 VMAs in a scandalous look that covered, well, nothing.

Rose McGowan 1998 VMAs

Our only concern? How the new mom is going to keep it together inside the theater. You know they’re going to have the A.C. blasting and that dress won’t keep her from the cold temps. Maybe Wiz brought her a jacket.

She’ll probably suffer through it, since she’s not afraid to go there with her fashion and wear up-and-coming designers in an effort to be different.

Amber Rose VMAs

“I really like up-and-coming designers also, because I feel like a lot of people don’t give them credit ’cause they’re not fully established and they kind of just throw them on the back burner,” she told Complex in 2012. “But I’m the underdog, so I like to look out for the underdog all the time.”

We have to know… who went nearly nude the best, Amber Rose or Rose McGowan?

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