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Coast Guard saves 800-pound sea turtle from certain death (VIDEO)

It’s no wonder the Coast Guard motto is “Always Ready.” Whether they’re protecting our ports or, in this case, saving a giant sea turtle, these guys prove they really are ready for anything the sea casts their way.

When a recreational fishing boat off the coast of New Jersey came upon a leatherback sea turtle struggling to free itself from a fishing net, those on the boat alerted the Coast Guard.

In a video recently released by the Coast Guard, members of the responding Coast Guard crew — along with an official from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center — worked together to free the massive 800-pound reptile.

As you may guess, after some finagling of nets (and with a bit more finesse than you might expect from such strapping men), the sea turtle is freed and happily swims off.

These guys may be tough as nails, but they’re a bunch of softies when it counts.

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