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Persistent squirrel thwarted by slippery pole (VIDEO)

When a rock squirrel refused to quit raiding a couple’s bird feeder, they turned to an inventive solution: Vaseline.

And, well, hilarity ensues.
Robert and Nancy Krampf, tired of watching the squirrel stuff its cheeks and make off with pounds of seed, decide to coat the pole supporting their bird feeder with the slick stuff. Then, they watch. We’re not sure what’s more impressive, though, the homeowners’ innovation or the squirrel’s persistence.

Like clockwork, the snack-happy critter arrives but, try as it may, just can’t scale the slippery pole. It even gets a good running jump at it, alas, to no avail.

Before you start saying, “Awe, poor little fella,” note the gut on this furry critter — it’s not hurting for meals. Plus, the good-natured Krampfs still let it raid their other feeders and veggie garden.

As they say, all’s well that ends well… although we’re not sure the squirrel would entirely agree.

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