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The chairless chair that goes everywhere you do (VIDEO)

With standing desks, Fitbits and more pedestrian-friendly cities every day, we may be in better shape than we’ve ever been in before. But, we are also more desperate to sit down on our well-muscled and active behinds and take a break, too.


This is something a Swiss company knows all too well. They have created what they are calling a “chairless chair.” The built-in seat connects to the body much like an exoskeleton.

It’s pretty cool, too. Just crouch and hit a button and the chair is activated. This is ideal for factory workers and for others, like farmers, who spend most of their day standing up and can’t afford to spend their short breaks hustling around looking for a place to cop a squat. Fear not, standing enthusiasts, this handy device also works well to keep your posture aligned and relieve pain and fatigue in your back and knees while you stand wearing it. Everybody wins! I will take 700, yes, please and thank you.

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