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Mo’Ne Davis makes everyone wish they could throw like a girl

At a time when we all could really use something to cheer for, 13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis strode confidently onto the scene with her debut at the Little League World Series.

Whatever “it” is, this girl’s got it to spare. She inspires boys and girls alike. Heck, there are plenty of old ladies who want to throw like Mo’Ne. Now her many fans are taking to social media to share their own tributes and images, featuring the hashtag #ThrowLikeaGirl.

During last night’s game, kids brought signs that read, “I want to throw like a girl,” to show their support for Davis.
#ThrowLikeAGirl is a spontaneous reaction to watching this little firecracker show us all how it’s done on the field.

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#throwlikeAgirl #eastsidepa #llws

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Even the frat-bro establishment over at ESPN can hardly contain its Mo’Ne enthusiasm.

Once hurled between little boys as the ultimate insult, thanks to Mo’Ne, #ThrowLikeaGirl has a whole new meaning.

Please share your own #ThrowLikeaGirl tributes to the amazing Mo’Ne Davis to thank her for the thrills and for showing us all that even a little 13-year-old girl from the suburbs of Philly can rock the world with her fastball. Go get ’em, Mo’Ne. We’re all cheering for you.

Changing the perception of things that are “for girls” is an important step toward greater equality between the sexes in our society. Here’s a powerful campaign from Always that has gained a lot of attention for trying to change the way we all see doing things “like a girl.”

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