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Bloggers boycott over Target’s latest plus-size slight

We could hardly contain our drool when the pieces from the new Altuzarra for Target collection came out, but the collab isn’t so sweet for some plus-size bloggers and advocates.

Chastity Garner, a prominent fashion blogger, penned a lengthy post excoriating Target for once again leaving plus sizes out of the mix.

“Year after year, season after season, you put out these gorgeous designer collections and you almost never include a plus range,” she wrote. Garner vowed to end her “abusive relationship” with the irresistible retailer, and pretty soon her words, and those of other slighted plus-sized fashionistas, paved the way for a #BoycottTarget/#BoycottingTarget movement on Twitter.

You see, Target doesn’t have a great track record with its plus-sized consumers. There was the time they labelled a plus-size version of a dress “manatee grey” instead of “heather grey,” and more recently, plus-size consumers have seen their in-store options dwindle. Target has stated the cutback was to make room for improved plus-size offerings, but walk into any Target store and you won’t see much of that happening yet.

A rep for Target responded to the latest Altuzarra brouhaha, telling Refinery29 the company will “take this feedback into consideration as we move forward.” The rep also said consumers can look forward to a new plus-size line in the near future.

Not in the mode to #BoycottTarget? Take a peek at some of the Altuzarra collection’s best offerings.

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