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The DIY ribbon and lace tote that will make your friends envious

Jessica Anderson

Dress up a plain tote bag with a little bit of ribbon and lace.

I love the look of ribbon and lace together. So feminine and classic. Take a plain canvas tote bag and give it a bit of a makeover by simply sewing rows of pretty ribbon and lace onto the front. If you’ve ever walked down the ribbon section at the craft store, you know the possibilities for this craft are endless. So many different combinations of colors and textures to try.


  • Canvas tote bag
  • Ribbon
  • Lace ribbon (2 different kinds)
  • Thread

Step 1


1. Cut strips of the ribbon and lace slightly longer that the width of your tote bag. Make sure there is enough to fold the ends under when you are sewing later.

Step 2

2. Start with a strip of lace. Fold the ends under and pin it to the top of the bag. Open up the bag and sew down the middle of the lace.

Step 3

3. Next, take a strip of ribbon, fold it in half lengthwise and iron to get a crease.

Step 4

4. Pin, folding the ends under, slightly overlapping the previous row of lace.

Step 7

5. Open the bag and sew along the crease in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 8

6. Repeat with the other strands of lace and ribbon using this pattern: lace 1, ribbon, lace 2, ribbon, lace 1, ribbon, lace 2, ribbon, etc.

Step 8

Enjoy your new tote bag!

Step 9

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