Your kids won’t lose their packs at school with these cute DIY labels

Keep the kids’ coats and backpacks out of the lost and found this year with these easy-to-make clothing labels.

When the kids are in school, everything needs to be labeled. Without a proper label, backpacks, coats and lunch boxes can all get left behind and end up in the dreaded lost and found. A permanent marker can do the job, but my handwriting isn’t all that great. Plus, there isn’t always a clear spot to write on. These DIY clothing labels are super-easy to make, and they look great, too. Perfect for when temperatures begin cooling down this school year.



  • Twill tape (look for it in the ribbon section of the craft store)
  • Letter stamps
  • Ink (labeled for use on fabric)
  • Thread
  • Pinking shears


1. Use your pinking shears to cut off one end of the twill tape. This will help keep the ends from fraying.

Step 1

2. Stamp each of the needed letters onto the twill tape. Press firmly onto the twill tape to get the best impression.

Step 1

3. Cut the twill tape on the other side of the name to release it from the strand. Do your best to make sure the name is centered and that you have enough extra to fold under.

Step 3

4. Let the ink dry, and then iron to heat set it. Repeat the process, making as many tags as you need. Use thicker twill tape if you want to put both a first and last name on the tag.

Step 4

5. Pin the tag to the item that you would like to label, folding the ends under.

Step 5

6. Sew down the two short sides of the tag. Yep, you can sew on a backpack. Just make sure you don’t sew over anything important on the opposite side. Also, notice that I’m putting the tag inside of the backpack to help keep my little one safe.

Step 6

Now you’ve got a professional-looking label that will hopefully keep your child’s things out of the lost and found.

Step 7

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