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This cat hates his toy hedgehog (VIDEO)

When you think of “hedgehog” and “cat” in the same sentence, you don’t exactly picture a scene of pure domestic bliss. But we’re pretty sure you aren’t picturing what happens in this video either.


Hell hath no fury like a kitten scorned. Or, you know, like a kitten bugged mid-nap time. This cat is a riot. Not only is it just sort of naturally the cutest (with apologies to my own very cute cats), but it’s got the kind of attitude we can all get behind… especially on a Monday. Its owner works and works and works to get the little guy riled up. The tool of his trade? A tiny toy hedgehog.

But you know who’s not having any of it? This cat. It goes from completely ignoring both its owner and his toy to eventually making its totally nonplussed feelings known. Leave it to a cat to go from being vaguely disinterested to totally full of fury.

No matter how many times its owner offers it the tiny stuffed companion, the cat is all “do not want” and slaps the toy down to the ground. There is a moral here. I mean, yes, I could say it’s about being strong and adhering to your beliefs, but really I think it’s closer to leave the cat alone.

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