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15 Pups that really hate sprinklers

You wouldn’t say that turning on the sprinkler to water the lawn ranks high as entertainment, but that quickly changes when your dog goes tearing across the lawn to attack the water. These 15 pups don’t like sprinklers, and they aren’t afraid to show the sprinkler who is boss.

Sprinkler, you are no match for me!

Bite, bite, bite then come up for air

I may be small, but nothing is too big for my fury

Then off with your head!

Hey, Jack, let’s tag team these guys!

One way or another, I will herd this beast

Silly dog, you can’t bite water

They call me the Water Guard Dog

Stop, stand still, so I can bite you

I must protect my people

Pit bull vs. sprinkler: And the winner is…

Bulldogs know who is boss

It. Just. Won’t. Stop.

Just another sprinkler-fighting day on the green

Since barking won’t stop it, maybe biting will

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