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Barbie launches new fashion line… for adult women

You’ve seen the Barbie dolls. You’ve seen the little girls dressed up like Barbie. And you’ve seen the real-life Barbie women. (If you haven’t, you really must.) But now you — yes, you adult women — have the chance to dress up like your favorite toy thanks to a new line of fashion inspired by Barbie’s most iconic looks.

Starting in September, Lord & Taylor will carry Barbie’s best fashions from the ’50s and ’60s. The pink paisley mini dress? Be still my heart. Wildfox will offer ’80s Barbie gear like her sassy off-the-shoulder cropped sweatshirt. And for the price of one doll, Forever 21 will sell you a ’90s-era tank top emblazoned with Barbie’s iconic logo or “I (heart) Ken.” The line even includes some sleepwear and accessories because it wouldn’t be Barbie without options, right?

I just have one question: Why has no one thought of this sooner? As a girl who was obsessed with Barbies from about 3 years old up to way too old to be socially appropriate, I think this is a fantastic idea. Her magnificent wardrobe was half the fun of playing with Barbie. (Although I’ll admit that my Barbies spent way more time stark naked sprawled indecently around my bedroom or lounging in the hot tub (aka my parents’ big bathtub). It’s hard for little fingers to wrestle those plastic feet into hot pants. Even as a tot, I wished some of Barbie’s clothing came in my size.

I mean what’s not to love about high-heeled shoes, pink blazers, go-go boots, thick knit sweaters, floofy skirts and sparkly blouses? Bonus, they were all adjustable with velcro! But of course dresses were where Barbie has always reigned supreme. I’d love to see one of her “limited edition” holiday ballgowns recreated or her ’50s house dress with the full skirt or one of her playful ’60s mod styles.

Still, there was one dress that was The Ultimate for me. Peaches and Cream Barbie was a gorgeous confection made up of a huge pink, poofy skirt topped by a sparkly bodice with a sweetheart neckline. She was perfectly accessorized with a ruffled matching shawl you could wrap six different ways and a pink sash with a giant flower. She probably had some cute shoes too although I’m guessing I chewed them up into little chunks of colored plastic. (Please tell me I wasn’t the only weirdo who did that.) 

So I say if we’re going to do Barbie, let’s go all in! I would wear the heck out of all of those clothes, peach ballgown included. (Although maybe tailored to real human being proportions. Her bust-hip-waist ratio is still insane. Sorry, Barbie.) Who cares if I’m too old for a prom? I clearly haven’t outgrown my inner Barbie!

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