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Baby and puppy meet for the first time (VIDEO)

We all know babies are adorable, as are fluffy little puppies. But we don’t think any of us were prepared for pure preciousness that is this baby and puppy meeting (and snuggling) for the first time.

If you’re feeble-hearted, my friends, be warned… this video may actually be entirely too adorable to handle.
After all, is there anything better in this world than baby cuddles? Or puppy kisses for that matter? There’s ample of both in this short clip, so you know it’s going to be just the sweetest thing you’ve seen onscreen since Shirley Temple.

Plus, after you’ve watched this about 100 times, you can check out Maddy and Paddy today — yep, they’re so cute, their names even rhyme. Hint? They’re still the cutest things ever.

And, if at any point during these videos you find your arms flapping up and down, don’t be embarrassed. Judging by this baby, that’s an unequivocal sign of sheer happiness.

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