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Proof you can buy a stylish outfit from a thrift store

Shopping at thrift stores has always been one of my favorite ways to score big on style while saving money at the same time.

I go in with an open mind and take my time browsing every section slowly. There are many pieces available if enough time is allotted to finding them.

Young woman looking through a thrift store rack

Name brands are the best things to find because you end up saving so much money by purchasing quality pieces secondhand. I especially love hunting for pieces that are pricier in department stores such as wool sweaters, leather boots and name-brand blazers. Oftentimes I browse a rack seeing a piece for its pattern or fabric, because many items can be altered to fit later on. After a quick trip to the dry cleaners or a tumble in the washing machine they are ready to wear the next day.

Young woman wearing a floral print dress

I once found a pair of leather boots that just needed to be resoled for only $8. I snatched them up as quickly as I could and they are still one of the most cherished pieces in my closet.

Young woman in a floral print dress

A Savers recently opened in my city and I was so excited to go explore what it had to offer. The store was very clean and every rack was marked with a label, so finding the clothing that would fit my style was easy to do. I found a classic black blazer that will easily be rotated through each season and a comfortable maxi dress that is versatile for the beach or dressed up for a night out.

I also found a great pair of heels that were black and matched perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Black heels

Here’s the breakdown of what I paid for each piece:

  • Blazer: $4
  • Dress: $6
  • Shoes: $7

All in all, it was a great trip and I was able to find things that I will be able to mix and match with other items in my closet.

The post was sponsored by Savers.

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