Reclaimed wood revamped this kitchen into a modern, rustic space

Want to go rustic in your kitchen? Take a tour of this rustic wooden kitchen in California designed by Ben Riddering.

While most kitchen cabinets are made of laminate or particle board, the custom cabinets featured in this kitchen designed by Ben Riddering were manufactured from reclaimed French oak. Made to have a modern appeal with a rustic twist, this kitchen was built to fit the homeowner’s style specifications. The home is in Arroyo Grande, California, a town with a lot of history and unique architectural design, which fits the house to a T.

kitchen island

Photo credit: Shannon Riddering

The lighter areas of the kitchen, specifically the island, are made of reclaimed barrel oak from a 1,000-gallon barrel.

Kitchen cabinets

Photo credit: Shannon Riddering

counter space

Photo credit: Shannon Riddering

With a lot of countertop and cabinet space, there are plenty of nooks and crannies to store miscellaneous kitchen items and adorable decor. kitchen decor

Photo credit: Shannon Riddering

The teal stands out nicely with the wood design and stainless steel appliances, making the home an awesome blend of luxury and modern-day splendor. One would think they’re staying in a wooden cabin rather than on the coast of central California.


Photo credit: Shannon Riddering

The kitchen’s designer, Bed Riddering, worked as a furniture builder before opening his own studio in 2008. While he still designs unique reclaimed furniture, he also does custom concepts, as displayed in this space. Utilizing as many reclaimed resources as he can, Ben tries to also use locally found resources. The amount used in each product depends on the home’s design and what is available to him. Being a very humble man, he attributes his design abilities and creativity to God.

Ben Riddering and family

Photo credit: Shannon Riddering

See Ben at work as he designs this awesome half-moon bench.

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