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10 Animals that look way better fluffy

When we see long-haired animals, we can’t help but want to run our fingers through their lush locks. Some animals, however, naturally have or are best known for sporting slick-haired coats. To appease our love for irresistibly long hair, we found 10 want-to-cuddle animals that look better fluffy.

1. Fluffy cows are for real

You know how long it takes you to blow dry and style your hair in the morning. Just imagine how long this fluffy cow spends in the mirror!

2. The scruffy look is all the rage

Get this calf an entourage. Sure to be the envy of all the slick-haired bovine, only Highland cattle have long locks you want to run your hands through… or at least sweep off a cow’s cute face.

3. Pampered bunny will melt your heart

We love bunnies of all kinds, but we can’t resist wanting to cuddle little hopping critters with hair long enough to hold a bow.

4. Mary had a little… pig
Most pigs are known for their iconic “oink” and, of course, bacon, but these Hungarian pigs get attention for their ringlets of sheep-like fluff.

5. Chinese Crested with hair
No, this isn’t a Chinese Crested in disguise. It’s actually the (cuter) Powderpuff variety of this mostly hairless breed.

6. Chickens with a hairstylist

Some chickens need a day with a hairdresser and some chickens don’t. As you can see, these Silkies have a full plumage of fluff, while other chickens have, well, the usual boring feathers.

7. A llama with layers
Since llamas are renowned for their angry spit, we’d never tell one of these beasts it needs a brush. However, we do concur (from a distance, of course) that fluffy brushed llamas look way better.

8. Guinea pig
If short-haired guinea pigs haven’t caught your fancy, the silky-coifed little guineas may just win you over.

9. More than just a mane

You’ve heard of fluffy cows, but even horses can share the limelight and look better doing it.

10. A wooly bully

We love our Bulldogs but couldn’t resist including this wooly mammoth of a dog, who looks none too happy about being in a fluffy prehistoric elephant costume.

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