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10 Backyard movie theaters that are fancier than AMC

When you crave visual entertainment, going to the movie theater is certainly a better choice than flipping on the living room TV. However, some people loathe the long ticket lines and sticky uncomfortable seating, and prefer watching their fave flicks alfresco style. We found 10 amazing backyard home theaters that are way more enticing than the fanciest commercial theaters. Pull out the popcorn and get ready to be inspired to make your own home more entertainment friendly.

The best movie experience ever

Who doesn’t want to watch a weatherproof big screen in front of a warm outdoor fireplace after a long day of frolicking in the pool? We certainly do (and are working on a way to raise a budget to make this our own reality show).

A big screen with a view

This LA-skyline residence gives movie lovers an enviable outdoor view of the big screen while also giving them a breathtaking view of the valley below.

Every movie is a vacation

We’re all for watching Thor and any other show in this intimate tropical backyard theater. Cozy up to the patio fire and kick back with a few mai tais and fancy snacks.

Get decked out and gather around

You’ll have no problem getting your kids excited for family movie night with this modern-style deck cinema.

Celebrate award-winning films in style

Want to get to know your neighbors better? Build a Mediterranean-style patio that boasts a big screen, fresh air and comfy chairs, and then invite them over for a neighborhood film festival in your backyard.

Dive right in and watch the show

For the water lover who can’t imagine doing anything outside the pool, including watching his favorite movie, sports event or sitcom, this poolside theater is a must-have.

The garden cinema

We love the idea of pulling up a reclining lawn chair by the big screen and taking in our favorite shows in the midst of lush green grass, colorful flora and gorgeously tall trees. It’s far better than long lines of moviegoers, exorbitantly priced junk food and inescapable darkness.

The coolest spot for a dinner and movie date

What woman wouldn’t be delighted by a first date at this fancy place? Forget the popcorn! We’ll take our steak medium rare and request that the featured movie be an action-packed drama.

Take it to the roof

If you’re a city dweller and don’t have a backyard for your home theater, simply put it on the roof and impress your friends with a high-rise movie experience.

If you can’t build it, rent it

Another outdoor theater option for big city lovers who lack a backyard, this luxury apartment complex gives tenants the ultimate at-home entertainment.

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