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Glass-bottom pools that will absolutely terrify you

If you’ve got a fear of heights, this is not the article for you. Mix adventure with pleasure as you take a dip into one of these glass-bottom pools that give you skyline views and an intense boost of adrenaline.

A swim in the sky

Shangai hotel pool

Photo credit: Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao

If you’re ever in the Shanghai area, don’t forget to check in at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao. Not only does it come equipped with a glass-bottom pool, that pool hangs off the top of the building — 24 stories off of the ground. Watch people pass by on the street while planes fly over your head. Now that’s a thrill!


Roof deck pool

Photo credit: Jan Bitter/Wiel Arets Architects

The architect of this design, Weil Arets, named this project the Jellyfish House, and noting that it’s lacking trailing tentacles, it’s safe to assume it’s due to the fact that it’s built with a glass-bottom pool. Located in Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, this pool overlooks an outdoor terrace and also has a glass side to sneak a peek into the kitchen and living room. Although inside a private home, one may want to avoid skinny dipping when guests are around. Or swimming at all, if you have even the faintest fear of heights.

Penthouse suite

Penthouse pool

Photo credit: The Keefer

Have a couple thousand dollars for a night in a penthouse? Choose The Keefer in Vancouver and you can enjoy a swim on the rooftop along with an awesome view of the inside of your suite. Because it’s a little strange to feel as if you’re swimming on the ceiling, you always have the option to close your eyes in between strokes. But then again, why would you even bother checking in?

True motivation


Photo credit: Hotel Einstein

Find true motivation to reach new heights in your fitness when swimming in a pool that is directly above the gym. Suspended on the fourth floor, the Einstein Fitness Park inside of Hotel Einstein in St. Gallen, Switzerland, overlooks the stairway, but provides visibility to the workout equipment. In addition, the glass roof makes you almost forget that you’re standing above an acrylic-bottomed pool.

Chilling with the stars

Avalon hotel pool

Photo credit: The Avalon Hotel

This hotel proves that the Swedes love a thrill. The Avalon Hotel in Gothenburg has a roof terrace equipped with a pool that’s gorgeous on the inside and out. Advertising that the water “floats freely” over Kungsportsplatsen, guests will have views of not only the street through the glass bottom, but also the horizon through the glass side. And to help you feel more relaxed, they’ve decked the pool out with mosaic pieces and 24-karat gold. Perhaps you can focus on the lavish beauty of the interior rather than the fact that you’re practically hanging from the rooftop.

Getting curvy with it

Dubai pool

Photo credit: InterContinental Hotel

There are views of the skyline and the streets of Dubai in this curved pool on top of the InterContinental Hotel located in Dubai-Festival City. On the rooftop of the hotel, the pool is suspended 37 stories above the ground. And if that wasn’t frightening enough, imagine that an estimated 2 million people who reside in Dubai may just get a glimpse of your swimsuit-covered derriere.

Bottoms up

Adelphi Hotel

Photo credit: Adelphi Hotel

Swim the length of this pool in Melbourne and be greeted with the streets of Australia. Located atop the Adelphi Hotel in the midst of the city’s business district, there isn’t anything more attractive and terrifying. Except maybe you in your swimsuit, and the thousands of residents who get to watch you strut your stuff.

Stateside shrills and thrills

Joulle Dallas hotel

Photo credit: Joule Dallas

No, you do not have to travel overseas to find a hotel that will give you a luxurious stay and a glass pool; downtown Dallas will do just fine. And while this pool does not include a glass bottom, it does extend eight feet over the side of the Joule Dallas hotel’s rooftop. So even though you can’t see through the bottom, you can see over the side, which is equally frightening.

Pacific Avenue poolpool for sale

Photo credit:

If you’re not at all terrified of glass-bottom pools, then this home in Marina Del Rey, California, is for you. Listed for $5.9 million, the 8,000-plus-square-foot home not only includes the roof-deck pool with views of the living room, it also overlooks the beach. Two amazing qualities wrapped into one perfect, and very expensive, estate.

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