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11 Clothing hacks to recycle your clothing

Hobo isn’t boho, ladies. Step up your recycled clothing game with these 11 DIY ideas that are fit for a high-end retailer.

1. Give it some bling

How to make a glitter collar

Metallic is still hot this fall season, so create a silver glitter collar to try the trend on the cheap. All you’ll need is a boring old blouse and a few craft supplies.

2. Dye your denim

DIY dyed jeans

Do thrift-store jeans look too sad and faded for your discerning tastes? Go ahead and purchase that faded denim, ladies. A simple dye job will make colorful jeans out of old denim in just a few steps.

3. Jorts for all

DIY jean shorts

Speaking of jeans, now you finally have a craft for frayed and ripped denim. Cut off the extra fabric and embellish what’s left to create these jean shorts that are perfect for warm fall days.

4. Update that fedora

DIY fedora with ribbons

That fedora you bought in 2005 hasn’t seen any action in years. Update it with bright ribbon to make this fedora that’s ready for 2014.

5. Tee to tank

DIY t-shirt to tank top

You can find a version of this nautical T-shirt at any bargain store, but that doesn’t mean it has to remain boxy and unflattering. With a few easy snips, you’ll transform your tee into this unique and detailed nautical tank top.

6. Revive your sweaters

Embelished sweater

Fix up a hand-me-down sweater with sequins and gems to make this sparkly sweater, inspired by a bold statement necklace.

7. Unlock a frock

DIY color blocked dress

Every woman is guilty of purchasing a dress in a size too small. Don’t toss it, though. Instead, practice your seamstress skills to create this color-blocked frock that’s perfect for a fashion-forward workplace.

8. Embellished with chevrons

Embellished sweater with ribbons sewn into the arms

The chevron pattern is in, but bulky sweaters are decidedly out. Give some shape and life to your old sweater by weaving a ribbon into its ill-shaped sleeves for a chevron-patterned sweater that looks cozy and cute.

9. Chase down these track pants

DIY track pants

It takes a confident woman to wear couture track pants, but it takes an even more confident woman to think faded pajama pants are acceptable. Update those pajama pants by turning them into hot track pants for a leather jacket and metallic pumps kind of day.

10. Add a little ruffle

t-shirt with a ruffle accent

What to do with an old tank top and an old handkerchief? Detail work, obviously. Within just a few minutes, you’ll have layered and ruffled tank top to wear under your favorite cardigan this fall.

11. Scarfed sandals, anyone?

DIY scarf sandals

Last but certainly not least, those grungy summer flip-flops don’t need the garbage can treatment just yet. Use a bright scarf to fashion these colorful kicks — they look perfect with a boyfriend jean or your “new” cut-off jorts.

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